Ron Gursky

Ron has an extensive background in a wide variety of social disciplines including Ballroom, Latin, Swing, Tango, Historical, and Ethnic dance.  He is well known as a fine performer, teacher, and coach.  He has lectured and taught for the Dance Teachers Club of Boston, the Dance Masters of America in Orlando, the Early Dance Institute at Goucher College in Baltimore, and lectured for the Boston Public Library, and Boston Ballet.  His Rock ‘n’ Roll classes were a featured segment on CBS’ “60 Minutes.” He has been an adjudicator at the Pre-Classic Competition in Montreal.

As well as being a successful competitor in the International Style of Ballroom and Latin Dance, Ron was also a first runner up in a World Lindy Hop competition in New York.  He was instrumental in the creation of the MIT Ballroom Dance Club, through which he organized and coached the first University Formation Team in Boston to compete in Ballroom Competition.  He also formed the New England Swing Club, Boston’s first organization in the Boston area promoting Swing and Lindy dancing.

Ron is the owner and director of Rugcutters’ Dance Studio offering classes in the Greater Boston Area.  He was a guest teacher at the former Portsmouth Ballroom Dance Studio and has taught, coached, choreographed and performed throughout New England.

You can reach Ron via email at